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Why you should make the change to Shaloah Skincare

Why you should make the change to Shaloah Skincare

I don’t know about you but skincare is one of those things that I never seem to be loyal to. I have a drawer full of so many different items from various brands and businesses and there’s always one I seem to like for a while then find it doesn’t mix well with my skin. When I think about most of them, I do wonder exactly what is in them and what good they are actually doing for my skin.

Queue, an amazing small business, Shaloah Skincare. Handmade products made from natural ingredients and cruelty, paraben and chemical free. In the modern day, this is so refreshing to see.

But that’s not all. When something so natural and sustainable has a powerful story behind it, it makes you believe even more in the products right? Shaloah Skincare is defined by the incredible story of Shaloam’s 3 month old son and his journey with eczema (read the full story here).

“After months of trying products and doctor prescribed creams, paraffin and steroids were replaced with plants, herbs and flowers and science was traded for hours of experiments. Armed with optimism, a saucepan and some of nature’s simplest ingredients, she began concocting recipes in her kitchen. Then, one day, there it was – the creation of a natural eczema cream – an antidote for eczema and the birth of a brand-new skincare range.”

I myself have tried a selection of these skincare products and can honestly say that I have seen instant benefits from using them, not to mention how environmentally pleasing they are!

Let’s start with the beautiful Frankincense, Myrrh & Orange Bath and Body Oil; a perfect way to kick off a home spa session or self care evening full of relaxation and indulgence.

Next up, is the Rose and Frankincense Anti-Aging Moisturiser. One of the best things I’ve noticed about this is how little you need to use. It is lasting me for ages! A great reflection of the quality and effectiveness of the natural ingredients.

Another regular feature in my regime is the Camomile and Bergomot Serum. I’m often quite wary of anything oily on my skin but this always leaves my skin so radiant after using it. So much so that prior to lockdown I’d had compliments on how glowing my face was looking!

I often use both the serum/moisturiser with this gorgeous Orange Lip Balm. With the warmer weather and doing lots of cycling, my lips get dry and chapped. Within 24 hours of applying this (and it does leave a lovely shine!) my lips are completely replenished and repaired!

And finally a beautifully scented Rose Geranium And Sandalwood Soap which is honestly so cleansing (and obviously leaves skin smelling like turkish delight!!). I love how nourishing and eco soap bars are. Plus they are perfect paired with an eco-friendly draining soap dish too!

I guess you are now feeling like you want to treat yourself to some amazing Shaloah Skincare goodies?! Well, go for it!

Here is a lovely 10% off with code ‘Rebecca10’!

Honestly, you can create your own mini spa experience or evening of un-winding with these. So so perfect, particularly in times when self care is so important! You can even opt for one of the fabulous gift sets and get a whole selection of items in one delivery.

What would you try?

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