The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine

AD* | When drinking wine, it’s really interesting to know where it’s come from and what the typical tasting notes might be. You may have already read about this wonderful ‘Independent Wine’ business here, but this fabulous wine guide will perfectly compliment any browsing you do over on their website!

I love how it covers each region and the types of grapes that are grown there – I really didn’t realise quite how many vineyards there were across Italy, although it’s no surprise when Italy is home to such an incredible array of different wines. You can read about the history of why each region grows grapes specifically there getting you on the way to being a wine expert!

This guide gives a really great insight into the tasting notes of different wines to make it super easy to know what to pair it with at meals. Colourful maps accompany each regional summary in the guide, giving a bit of geographical context to the wine itself.

Have you tried many Italian wines? Which is your favourite?

Head over to this post here to continue reading about Independent Wine!

* This is a sponsored post however all views are my own

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