The ili Laptop Stand Game Changer

The ili Laptop Stand Game Changer

Laptops are great. You can just open them up and carry on where you left off. But do you think about your posture when you use it? Queue the ili Laptop Stand.

Ili Laptop Stand folder away with pouch

Like many of you I use a laptop on a near daily basis be it at a desk, table, coffee table, on a sofa, wherever. And I’m quite aware that my posture is not the best. I’ve had shoulder and back pain and frequent headaches too. Now I genuinely think I have found a real game changer.

The ili Laptop Stand prides itself on ‘great posture by design’ and in all honesty I can completely see why. 

It’s lightweight, foldable, sleek and most importantly ergonomic. It’s clear that a lot of thought about users went into this design. Whether you’re travelling on a train, sitting in coffee shops or doing some online shopping, this is one versatile laptop stand. It’s super quick to put together and very sturdy when you’re laptop is on. I’ve seen a BIG difference in how I am sitting when using it and I have actually felt more productive because of this! 

Ili Laptop Stand on Coffee Table

What else? It is sustainable, completely plastic-free!

Everything from the recyclable metal poles to the renewable and biodegradable wool pads has been thought about in the context of our planet. Even the canvas pouch is ethical and fair-trade. This is brilliant to see!

It’s designed to elevate your laptop at a fixed height and then you can pop a wireless keyboard and mouse underneath. I am yet to get these but it is still benefiting me all the same. I’ve tried it on both the coffee tables in our house (of different heights) and it’s much more comfortable as opposed to slouching over my laptop and sitting in funny positions, like I would usually do. It’s not often you find something that makes such a difference, but this is a beautifully made item that has really impressed me.

You can also use it when you want to watch something on your laptop, which is going to be perfect when camping or outside as it’ll be so much easier to hold the laptop in place. I’ve even used it sitting on the floor with blogging mail spread out around me!

Ili Laptop Stand on floor

Another really handy feature is that it keeps your laptop cool, through the way it is designed, so no more overheating! Particularly useful for those of us using our laptop for so many hours during the day.

All in all, I really think this is an amazing and creative design with the potential to really improve the posture of a whole population of people. Coupled with the fact it is a stylish accessory to have with you, the ili Laptop Stand will be a great conversation starter too – it certainly has been already for me!

If you don’t believe me, you’ll just have to try it out for yourself!

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