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Everyday Photo Props

No one needs to be a professional photographer to take an eye catching photo. Sometimes you just need to add some extra dimensions to photo’s and be a little bit creative. There are hundreds of different props you could use, but these ones are some of my favourites and probably won’t cost a thing.


Autumn leaves, pine cones, lavender, rosemary, flowers, the list goes on! These all make great props and you could probably find these in your back garden. We’ve got a great herb garden outside so this serves both cooking and photo purposes!


Yes, you read that right! Use the packaging that you wrap and send your items in. A little bit of twine in a photo or even tissue paper can look fab. Lots of people also use stamps which I think is a great idea (plus they cost a fortune so why not get an additional use out of them!).


This is one of my favourites because I go for a wander around the house and see what I can find! Blankets and throws are great for texture and I love using trays, coasters, small pretty nibble bowls or even trinket dishes. They can often bring either a solid colour or an array of colour to photos. You could even hold items up against everyday pieces such as LED pendent lights from Light Supplier or even your dining room table.


I’m sure you’ve got lots of stationery supplies lying about. Things such as paper clips, washi tapes and notebooks are great props. You’ve got pens, pencils and scissors too which add that creative side if that’s the sort of photo you are going for.

Food and Drink

I love to use a glass of lemon water if it’s a productivity themed photo, or even a mug of fresh coffee, just like this one with my ili Laptop Stand! You could even use fresh herbs, fruit or veg too. Lemon, limes and garlic are a favourite of mine for food themed photos!

Laptop on an ili laptop stand


Earrings, necklaces etc are great to fill gaps or to emphasise the size of something. They also add a touch of daintiness to a photo.

What are your favourite blog props?

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