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The impact our shopping habits are having on the climate is hot on everyone’s mind, and Kraft Space have arrived just at the right time, providing a unique online marketplace for conscious shoppers to support and buy from the very best independent designers and small businesses.

Personalised hipflask – Hydewares

Kraft Space caters for homewares, beauty, jewellery, gifts and health, a one-stop solution to our increasing need to know where exactly our products come from.

Creative entrepreneurs, Rachel, Shaloam & Jasmine created the platform last year to feature the best curated independent designers and makers from across the UK.

As more consumers move away from mass production and fast-fashion, the need for thriving homegrown creative spaces is greater than ever. Kraft Space has high criteria for all it’s sellers, allowing consumers to shop more ethically at a click of a button.

“We only accept top quality handmade craftsmanship, we look at the materials each seller uses, the quality of the product and originality, we also consider the processes used to make each item.” Says Shaloam.

The creative trio are keen to ensure that traditional handmade skills don’t die out in an ever-growing mass production society. On Kraft Space you’ll find a plethora of craftsmanship from painters to potters, silversmiths to seamstresses. All areas of the arts and creativity are supported and available to purchase. Rachel adds “We can make more ethical choices that actually support small independent businesses and keep our vibrant culture alive.”

With products handmade and shipped in the UK, carbon footprints of the shopper are certainly reduced. “It’s not been flown around the world and you’re buying something totally unique made by an actual human!” says Jasmine. By buying small, consumers are also supporting the economy with ‘every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business, 63p stayed in the local economy, compared to 40p with a larger business’*.

Frankincense & Myrrh Body oilShaloah Skincare

“It’s about making small changes, if everyone made a small change it makes a BIG difference.” Say the founders.

To make your small change with a big impact head to Kraft Space for quality, handmade pieces to be cherished for generations to come.

About Kraft Space

Kraft Space is an online handmade marketplace showcasing the very best in British design. You can visit their website HERE.

This article has been written by the wonderful team at Kraft Space 🙂

*According to the National Audit Office at time of release



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