Small Biz Tip #4 – Staying Motivated with a Small Business

If you are a Small Business owner then congrats. That’s such a big achievement in itself. But there may be times where you are scratching about wondering where your motivation has disappeared to. Well, if that happens, here’s a few ways you can help yourself stay motivated.

Watch some inspirational TV programmes

Sometimes you just need to sit on your sofa and watch something on TV to unwind. Cup of tea in one hand, sofa throw over you and your 4k LED TV Panasonic controller in the other hand. You might scroll through your watch list on Netflix, or maybe you like something a bit more relatable? I find Dragons Den or The Apprentice really fun and easy watches, plus you can always get some business tips from them too!

Set Realistic Goals

We all have a dream in our head but how do we reach that, without getting setback? Set goals weekly and/or monthly that are easy to achieve in the timeframes. Examples could include hitting a set number of sales, running a successful promotion or something more specific such as launching new stock or getting a new stockist. Whatever it may be, everyone’s goal is worthy of shouting about, so if you do achieve it, share it with others!

Take a break

There’s a lot of talk on social media about being ‘absent’ and taking breaks. These are SO important to do. Sometimes if you are lacking that motivation, a little break from your online shop and social media can work wonders. You can recharge your batteries and feel motivated again, perhaps with new ideas and goals.


You are not alone. I can guarantee you, another small business owner is going through exactly the same as you. And talking about it can help so much. Maybe you’re worrying that your prices are too high or perhaps you aren’t sure whether offering free delivery is worthwhile. There are plenty of amazing Twitter chats every week, with a whole host of wonderful people taking part, where you can share thoughts, knowledge and see how other people tackle challenges or certain things. You can find a handful of Twitter Chats in this post here.

Look at how far you’ve come

This is my favourite. Always remind yourself of where you started and where you are now. Even if you’ve only made 1 sale, that is still a huge achievement, and as they say, 1 sale is better than no sales! Reflect on your photography at the beginning and how much it’s improved now or look at how you’ve expanded your range of stock. No matter how small, you’ve always taken another step on your journey.

What are your tips or favourite ways to stay motivated? Which work best for you?

*This is a sponsored post with Panasonic, however as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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