Small Biz Tip #2 – Twitter

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. The gateway to getting your business out there and increasing your customer base. But, are you really using it to it’s full potential? Check out these suggestions below to help you on your way to increasing your engagement and promoting your business, all by using one platform.

Twitter Chats

This is a big one and there are SO many to get your teeth stuck into, specifically for small businesses. Get them in your calendar and start sharing your business and links. It’s also a fab way to share experiences and knowledge between yourselves. Perhaps you ran a promotion that was a success? Or you’ve used a different method of promoting your business? Let others know!

To give you a head start, here’s a few to add to your calendars and diaries:

Support others

It’s a huge world out there and if you don’t support each other, the honest truth is, you aren’t going to be discovered. So give other small businesses a bit of love and support. Like, RT, comment. You never know, your followers may be interested in something they sell, and vice versa. You could even tag others in the comments if you think they may be interested, it’s a wonderful domino effect.

Twitter Giveaways

If you’ve already read my Small Biz Tip #1 then you’ll already be clued up on giveaways. If you haven’t then make sure you give it a read because hosting a giveaway on Twitter can be a game changer. Think about it – increased followers, directing traffic to your site, potential sales, new customers.. the list could go on. If you give me a shout, I will host it for you and do all the work behind the scenes!

Promote your items

Twitter is a brilliant platform to promote your items, for free! Give an item description in the tweet, the price and the link. Don’t forget to include a picture too. This is a really easy way to encourage sales and direct traffic to your site (which can also result in potential sales). Try and be creative if you can as that’ll lure people in to read the tweet. For example, if you have a bestseller, let people know, or perhaps you have suggestions on how people can use an item. Mention it in tweets!

My Twitter Support Thread

Every weekend I host a Twitter Support Thread over on my Twitter. It’s my pinned tweet all weekend, usually going up on Saturday morning. It’s a great way to promote your small business, meet others and most of all I RT every single post so it’s brilliant exposure. I’ve had so many positive comments from it including from those who have managed to find gifts and items just by scrolling through all the posts.


### – use these wisely. Know which ones to use and only use ones that are relevant to what you tweeting about. If you use them well they can really help you reach a wider audience and target the right people. Good examples include #SmallBiz #ShopSmall #Creatives and #Handmade.

Pinned Tweet

A lot of people don’t know about Pinned Tweets, or just don’t use this feature. Put simply, you can pin a specific tweet so it sits at the top of your Twitter timeline, and when people visit your profile, they see that tweet first. Which is why it’s always good to use it to it’s full potential. Pin a tweet that’s had a lot of RT’s, a tweet that includes your bestseller or if you are running a giveaway, pin that tweet.

So, there you go, that’s my little round up all related to Twitter. Hopefully it’s been useful and please do let me know your favourite ways to use Twitter below!


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