How to Start a Zero Waste Journey

Are you wondering how to start your zero waste journey? Well, Battle Green Box are an amazing small business, powering us all towards a zero waste life. I’ve favourited so many of their brilliant eco items on Etsy (as well as in these Etsy lists) and now I’ve had an wonderful opportunity to try them out for myself…

Battle Green Box plastic free packaging

First things first, there is absolutely no point leaving the house these days without bags. Whether it’s a tote or a reusable one.

Well, these cotton string and mesh bags are basically the answer to all your questions.

They fit nicely into your handbag (or manbag) and are just great to carry your fruit and veg around in, as well as your fresh crusty bread!

Battle Green Box organic cotton mesh bag for fruit and veg

Next up, the Natural Deodorant Balm which is also vegan! Mine is the lavender and tee tree and it smells gorgeous. I’ve worn it a number of times now and it definitely lasts, not to mention it’s plastic free as it’s a cardboard tube.

Battle Green Box Deodorant in cardboard Tube

Now for those of you still using a plastic toothbrush, it will cost you under £5 to make the switch to this completely eco Bamboo Toothbrush. I really like the feel of it, it does a great job and the handle is biodegradable too.

To go with your toothbrush is the genius zero waste Toothpowder.

Admittedly I did wonder what it was going to be like, but after reading that it is full of natural ingredients with lots of benefits (including freshening breath and strengthening teeth) I gave it a go and I was massively impressed!

You simply dab your toothbrush in and you’re good to go. It honestly left my mouth feeling fresh, my teeth very clean, plus I wasn’t fazed by it. I like the jar too and have many ideas for upcycling it!

Battle Green Box Hair and Dental products

In the snazzy tin is a Conditioner Bar which is ideal if you are travelling or on holiday. It’s vegan, cruelty free and has been leaving my hair feeling really soft and revitalised. This is definitely going to last me a while too.

I’m so pleased to have found a number of items I can switch too, on my journey towards zero waste and helping the planet. It’s great to have a ‘go-to’ place and Battle Green Box have a massive range of items in their Etsy Shop, including zero waste kits, shower products and lots of plastic free skin care ideas. 

How will you start your zero waste journey?


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