Eco Apple Bird Feeder from WoodSage Design

Eco-friendly bird feeders are the way forward these days. If you have seen WoodSage Design before (maybe from this post here) then you will already be familiar with their gorgeous handmade wooden designs that are very popular in everyone’s gardens!

If you haven’t, then now is your chance to discover how they can handcraft you some amazing bird feeders, from sustainable pieces of wood!

Sitting in prime place in my garden is one of their beautifully made apple bird feeders, that was very kindly sent to me.

One of the first things that stood out was just how well made it was and once I’d hung it on the tree, it was lovely to watch a black bird land straight onto it.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, it was super easy and quick to pin the apple to the feeder, if you follow the instructions provided.

Eco apple bird feeder hanging from a tree branch

I loved the simple colours of this one but they are also made in many pretty designs including this daisy one and a bird shaped one too. Whilst being more environmentally friendly is at the forefront of everyone’s habits these days, this is a very eco-friendly way to attract birds into any garden and feed them old apples that you may have ordinarily thrown away.

But what I have also discovered is that there are many ways you can use these feeders to feed the birds, including pinning fat/seed balls and scraps of other fruit.

I’ve stuck sunflower seeds into the apple to see if they like that too as I seemed to have an abundance of these.

And I even saw in a magazine a suggestion for cutting an apple in half, scooping a bit out and then filling with a home made seed mix using the scooped out apple. It’s time to get creative!

Eco apple bird feeder with sunflower seeds poked in hanging from a tree

With spring firmly here, now is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to one of these fabulous bird feeders, to enjoy watching the birds feeding from. It’s wonderful just sitting in the garden with a cup of coffee and enjoying nature at it’s finest! Or maybe it’s just me!

Which bird feeder design would you go for?

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