12 Lockdown Snacks You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Soyoo Chips

Plantain and cocoyam crisps using natural ingredients with no preservatives and no artificial flavours. Gluten and nut free, suitable for vegans.
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The Biltong Shack

High quality South African Biltong. The finest British Beef is sourced, combined with all-natural ingredients and then air-dried to create a snack that is high in protein, allergen-free and low in sugar and carbs.
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Grind Nuts

Healthy, handmade vegan nut butters including cashew, almond and peanut butters, whilst being eco-warriors. Great sources of plant based protein!
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Edible, bakable, raw cookiedough completely safe to eat and available in a massive variety of flavours. You can even buy the dough and add your own confectionery to it!

Nutry Nuts

Delicious protein peanut butter cups with less sugar and without compromising your macros. Totally delicious and available in packs of 2 or in multipack boxes.


Duck Crackling, seasoned with a special blend of spices to deliver a crisp, lighter in texture snack. This pairs exceptionally well with red wine, craft gin and many craft beers.

Fab Fudge

Dairy-free vegan friendly fudge using homemade dairy free chocolate in over 20 flavours. Fruity or alocholic fudge, you will find it here!

Dale’s Handmade

Mini loaf cakes, handmade chocolates and brownies. Each item is homemade using the best ingredients and free range eggs, and then delivered straight to your door.

Squealers Pork Scratchings

Delicious hot and spicy pork scratchings in a party sized tub. This tub is perfect for parties, or for the chilli / pork scratching lover in your life.

The Ochil Fudge Pantry

Over 25 flavours of handmade gluten-free Scottish fudge and tablet. Butter Fudge, Chocolate Fudge, Cream Fudge on their own as single bars; in your own Customisable 4 Fudge Gift Box; or Fudge Gift Cubes!

Harvest View Brownies

Delicious postal brownies inc salted caramel and creme egg. The ethos is also using the finest ingredients to create a delicious brownie such as free range eggs, Belgian chocolate, Fair-trade cocoa and quality milled flour

Plant Pops Snacks

Popped lotus seed snacks giving ancient seeds and grains a modern twist. Available in peanut butter, smoked chilli and Himalayan salt flavours.
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