10 Must-Have’s for your Small Business

*Please note, some of the links below are affiliate links which means that I may get commission if you click through and make a purchase. But don’t worry, it’s at no extra cost to you and does not cost the seller/shop a penny :)*

1. Logo
It’s SO important to have a logo that stands out and creates your businesses’ identity. You want to be the ‘go to’ business for what you sell and Kraft Space can help you with this, 110%. They have a fabulous Small Biz Essential Logo Design package that will give your logo the WOW factor!
£49 with code ‘rebecca50’ 

2. Packaging
Most of you will want to save pennies where you can, so why not consider how you can package for absolutely nothing in this blog post. Or if you want to support small fellow small businesses in your packaging supplies, there’s a whole host on this page here.

3. Business Cards
These are a great way to make a first impression and are a very useful marketing tool. They are often shared amongst family and friends and ensure any potential customers have your details for the future. 

4. Inspiration
If you don’t already participate in any Twitter hashtag hours then you are missing a trick. They are a great place to get your biz out there, but they are also a brilliant way to get some inspiration. Here is a handy printable so you can easily keep track of them all.

5. Portable Charger
No one wants to run out of battery midway through taking payment, or taking photo’s in a photo tent. Which is why a Subbytech charger should be top on your list. All come with free cables and a cheeky packet of Haribo!

6. Motivation
Having some prints up on your walls can create that teeny bit of motivation you sometimes need. Handmade Dorset has plenty of fabulous prints that do just that, all in a range of sizes.
From £1.99

7. Paper Tape
Naturally Wrapt have loads of different paper tapes for you to package your items up with. From pretty washi tapes to brown parcel tape, they are eco plastic-free and eco-friendly.

8. Wooden Business Board
This is a great addition to Craft Fair tables, Exhibitions, Trade Shows and Shop Windows! It comes hand burnt with your business logo, address and contact details, as well as your social media links. Plus, get people to take a picture of it so that if they lose your business card, they will stay have your details in their camera roll.

9. Card Reader Holder
If you’re out and about at a craft fair or market stall then you need one of these. Add a professional touch when taking payment as well as having it personalised with your logo or website address.
From £25

10. Stamps
These are such a great way to add extra touches or let customers know something has been handmade or is fragile. All handmade from oak and completely bespoke too.
From £4.50


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